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Mist by the Lighthouse by Victoria LK Williams

5 Hoots

Williams really stepped it up in the installment! I was on the edge of my seat! And who is this new little girl and why does she know so much about the Seavers?

I am so excited to share this review with you guys. This book was release yesterday and it is just so good! If you have not gotten a chance to read this series, you really need to. This cozy series focuses on Morgan Seaver and her battle to protect Pearl island from an evil Sea Witch. This time the island is being used for drug trafficking and an innocent woman was caught in the crossfire! Can Morgan figure out who is smuggling drugs on the island and destroying the reef in the process before Cora attacks again?

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The Artist’s Alchemy by Amorette Anderson

4.5 Hoots

A little art, a little science, and some murder. What more could you want?

Once again we are back at another one of Marley’s Retreat weekends but this time an innocent mistakes things a little more interesting. In Penny’s attempt to help with advertising she inadvertently marketed the event to scientists instead of artists, as it was intended to be. Little did they know just how much these two groups of people hated each other, but was it enough motive for murder?

A famous scientist ended up being pushed off the roof while trying to perform a sabotaging spell. This lead to a troubling question…could someone close to Marley have been the one to kill him? Or could the guest speaker, who happened to be he Ex, have killed him in order the prevent the weekend and her art from being ruined? I will admit, some of the people Marley thought were suspects just seemed like unlikely candidates, but at lease she tried to do her best when questioning them. She is not a trained PI like her best friend but she has her own ways of solving a murder. And let me just say that this was a close one! The ghost of Robert gave her a deadline to prove that his ex wasn’t the killer and she almost didn’t make it.

Anderson has this way of bringing some light to all of these stories. Her characters are so fun and just feel so real! When the one character was stabbed in the butt I could not help laughing out loud. Not because of the stabbing, but because of the way the characters reacted to it. I have no doubts that if they were real this is exactly how they would act. I am constantly finding myself wishing that I was part of this magical world. That is why I keep coming back to this series, it feels like home…minus the murders of course.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and how Marley solved the murder. I was actually surprised by who the killer was! Also, there is usually a lesson in each of the books which I always enjoy. For example, in this book you kind of learned that changing your perspective can be incredibly helpful. Sometimes you just need to adjust your focus and see something new. Another thing that I loved about the book is how Marley’s magic is growing. Her healing abilities started to manifest more and I am really excited to see where that goes. If you are looking for a cozy mystery with a magical twist try this one!

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Cauldrons and Cupcakes by Sara Bourgeois

3 Hoots

A witch, a ghost, a murder…and a mystery solved by someone “off screen”.

I will be honest, I really struggled to even give this book 3 Hoots. It is not every day where you read a mystery book where they mystery is not solved by your main character. I mean, the elements were there for the character to try and piece together what happened. She was literally trapped in a hotel with everyone that was at the party during the murder and yet nothing. She was just kind of there worrying about buying clean underwear from the hotel (I kid you not that was part of the story) and she also had to deal with two ghosts who were also not related to the main story.

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Mist at the Beach House by Victoria L.K Williams

5 Hoots!!

An enchanting start to a brand new cozy mystery series, and the best part? We get mermaids!

It is always really exciting when you get the chance to read the first book in a series and just fall in love. That is what happened to me when I read this book. You have Morgan, a book restorer, who accepted her aunts request to come down to restore a few of her books. On her very first day in town something tragic happens and suddenly she has to try and prove that she is not a murderer! Add to this a mysterious pearl, a kitten who seems to appear just when she is needed, and a mermaid curse and you have the perfect combination for me!

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Potions are for Pushovers by Tamara Berry

5 Hoots

Berry did it again! This was another fun addition to the Eleanor Wilde series.

Sometimes when I choose a book I honestly do not look at if it was part of a series I have read before. I like to just mix it up when I read, so you can imagine how happy I was when I found out that this was the sequel to Seances are for Suckers! For those of you who are not familiar with this series it is about a woman who claims to be a psychic or a witch… but is actually just very smart and intuitive. Well, there is the fact that she does hear the voice of her dead sister, but that is a different story (Definitely check out book 1). In this book she plays the role of a local “witch” and sells potions to help the local townspeople. Unfortunately for her, one of her bottles was found on the body of a local woman….to make matters worse, people are assuming that she poisoned her!

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