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Southern Book clubs guide to vampire slaying by grady hendrix

I will admit that I pick up books based on their blurbs without really paying attention to the author. That is how I chose this one! I liked the idea of Moms in a book club fighting off a vampire. So often you read books with a younger cast of characters, but moms? That really caught my attention, but I should have looked at who the author was because that might have made me steer clear. This author really needs trigger warnings on his books. This is not the first book of his that he used rape and sexual assault as a plot device. That is something I cannot stand. The book was going pretty strong until he decided to throw that into the mix. But I am getting ahead of myself, so let me start with what I liked.

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Strange Practices by Vivian Shaw

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you are a fan of vampire lore you have heard the name Vanhelsing before. Usually the name is more involved with hunting vampires, but in this urban fantasy you have a Vanhelsing helping all kinds of supernatural beings. Dr. Greta Vanhelsing specializes in caring for all kinds of creatures but this time, she gets pulled into a battle between good and evil…well, in a sense. You see, there is this sect of monks going around killing humans and monsters a like and she kind of ended up in the crosshairs.

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